“Lesbians landing in Paradise”

by Hannah Skidmore from Birmingham, England.

After fighting through the strenuous treks of Colca Canyon and Machu Pichu, we couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we landed in the beautiful Banana’s! We were only meant to be staying the one night, but after being hypnotized by the glint of the pool and the awesome playlist, we just had to book a second night!

We ran into the super friendly Luis who convinced us to smell his hands so we would know how delicious the BBQ tonight would be! We’re now lounging with drinks in hand, awaiting our dune buggy adventure this evening and have booked a tour to Paracas in the morning! If you thought this hostel had everything already, wait until you meet the puppies – I actually squealed.

My favourite hostel so far!

Submitted by Hannah Skidmore on 18th April ’17.