“Banana’s Adventure: where you will have the time of your life”

by Fifth and Maple

Huacachina, Peru


A collection of restaurants and resorts, situated around a wonderful blue-green lagoon in the middle of the desert, lies Huacachina. This literal oasis is relatively small and can be walked in its entirety within just a few minutes. Surrounded by sand dunes, the Huacachina sunset is quite possibly the most mesmerizing sunset you’ll ever have the privilege of seeing. Take a trek to the summit of a dune and simply admire your surroundings, but be sure to pack water. Speaking of water, the lagoon is wonderful for boat trips, but you may want to think twice about swimming. Folklore states that there is a man-hungry mermaid in the lagoon who claims one victim a year, and we would hate for it to be you. I suppose that means that you’re safe if you’re a woman, however the water is fairly unclean, so if you must swim, you may want to do it at your hotel.

Banana's Adventure, Huacachina

Where to stay: Although this may be somewhat unconventional sounding for some, there is a wonderful hostel in Huacachina called Banana’s Adventure, where you will have the time of your life (no, this isn’t a commercial for Sandals). Included in your stay, you’ll receive complimentary sand board rentals as well as dune buggy rides. Banana’s has communal showers and restrooms, and you can choose to stay in a room with others, or by yourself. The guests are usually on the younger, more adventurous side, and are incredibly respectful of your right to a peaceful stay.

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